Happy Customers

I am A Happy Mommy!!

We had  such a fun &  Memorable Session in the Lightroom Studio (at Uncoura Studios)  , We love the beautiful memories & framed Pictures we got .

We would definitely recommend Uncoura to our friends and family. :)

- Jil

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"Atanga! You are the man! They are great!!!!! You've got big things ahead of you my friend, some serious talent right there!!"


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 "Atanga's professionalism and enthusiasm during the shoot was fun and enjoyable as it was an experience that I would gladly repeat. His expertise with shot taking and the direction he provided was excellent in helping me understand The task and the role I had in the shoot. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and can't wait to shoot with Uncoura again for my album cover and music videos."


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 "Well, the photo shoot was really awesome. We really had a lot of fun at that day. The photos were amazing. Everything was amazing including location, photo shoot equipment and cameras."


"Loved the positive vibe, the quality and quick delivery of pictures. I Enjoyed the atmosphere during the photoshoot and the lighting within the actual photo’s. Receiving the pictures took less time then I expected and it just show's how much Atanga values customers. I personally think Atanga is getting better and better and I would love to take more photo's in future."


Untitled photo
Untitled photo

 "Had loads of Fun and enjoyed the photoshoot very much."


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 "Had a quick photo shoot with Uncoura one afternoon and I was really happy with the process itself. They have good equipment and the photographer Atanga Mungandi was knowledgeable in his craft. The pictures themselves turned out to be very good - high resolution and sharp with good focus. I also appreciate the post processing and touch up work provided by him. Overall it was a good experience and I would definitely recommend Uncoura to my counterparts as a one stop solution to all their photography needs."


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